Meet the Traders

Chris Pentaleri

Co-Founder/Monarch Trader

At 15 years old Chris took a high school finance course which involved paper trading. His first “trade” he bought shares of a Chinese plane company and when he returned to his class a few days later Chris almost doubled his account. At that point he always had ambitions on becoming a day trader. As years went by Chris gravitated into the sales industry while trading on and off between crypto and penny stocks. He started off following Tim Sykes and even attended his first Orlando conference in 2014.

One of Chris’ strong suits was always his ability to foresee how people would react to events however as he gained even more experience dealing with different people everyday he started to really notice a trend. This sparked his interest even more in human behavior. Chris then started to study people more and realized that the masses react in very similar fashions; almost like it was “predictable” to a degree.

Before becoming the co-founder of Monarch, Chris was involved in a few other groups. He grew up always trying to complete tasks more efficiently and when first entering these groups he questioned how can we make more money per trade. He was the first one of his peers to discover and learn how to trade Option contracts. Using his experience trading the momentum of penny stocks coupled with his years of observing human behavior, Chris has developed an eye for finding high % option plays which in return has coined him the nickname of “Pent Pays”.

Chris’ vision for Monarch Financial Solutions is to be able to help people on his own terms. Not only with just trading stocks but also creating financial wisdom on where to put that money after a winning play. Chris always preaches to “secure the bag” and to pay yourself when you can. He says that it is easy to make it, but keeping it seems to be the hardest part. His best advice for new traders is to risk small and aim for small consistent gains of $100-200 per trade. Only when you become consistent will you then start to increase your goals and trade larger. By doing those you are able to control both your emotions and risk tolerance which Chris says are the top reasons why traders lose money. Today, Chris owns multiple 7 figure businesses and strives to help others make money. Not only from learning new skill sets but also through passive investments.

Chris is an active trader in Monarch to this day and looks forward to seeing new members join and enjoys watching them grow into their goals and change their lives.

John Gunthner

Co-Founder/Monarch Trader

John was always meant to be in the stock market. His father worked on Wall Street in his 20s and 30s, and his grandfather made his fortune/ is currently living off his stock market holdings. Back in 2012 at age 16, John decided to take the plunge, investing an initial amount of $500 into a new kid on the block: Tesla ($TSLA), which at the time, sat at a split-adjusted price of around $7. Over the years, he slowly added to his position, also picking up another newcomer along the way: The Trading Desk ($TTD), which at the time, traded at a split-adjusted price of $10. These two investments paid off beyond John’s wildest imagination, driving his interest in the stock market even further.

Between his entry to the stock market and the present day, John worked in both the security industry (at night clubs and on movie sets), as well as the restoration/construction industry, holding every job from laborer, to estimator, to project manager. In 2018, John decided to start his own restoration/construction estimating business, JG Estimating Corp, which is currently working towards revolutionizing the insurance industry by bringing machine learning to panoramic camera technology, aiming to create the first fully automated AI estimator.

Fast forward to 2020, and we have the Covid catastrophe. The stock market gained a whole new level of popularity, as people who were sidelined from work needed extra ways of earning income. John took this opportunity to immerse himself further, shifting his focus from long term investing to day trading. Discord day trading chat rooms became popular during this time, mostly focusing on stock call outs instead of actual education. John began recording all his trades in a particular Discord chatroom he was a member of the time, not only gaining feedback from the members/admins, but also helping guide other members through the sometimes choppy Stock Market waters (including but not limited to the first $AMC/$GME short squeeze, and the two slight $SPY corrections in September and October/November of 2020).

John saw a niche opportunity: create a community that not only provided education, but also encouraged an atmosphere of growth and learning among its members. Near the end of 2020/beginning of 2021, John met Chris Pent, who shared the same goal. Together, the two joined forces, each contributing a unique perspective that complimented the other, culminating in the birth of Monarch Investing.

Victoria Wagner

Matriarch Trader

Hi there, I'm Victoria. I'm an equities trader, crypto investor, creative entrepreneur and design enthusiast. I'm passionate about financial freedom and have multiple business interests. I tried my hand in investing after graduating college and quickly learned the power of compounding. I knew the stock market had the power to create life-changing wealth so I decided to dedicate myself to learning the fundamentals of trading.

Studying financial markets has changed my life completely and has taught me hard- but necessary- lessons along the way. It has also given me professional and financial freedom and most of all a passion that drives me everyday to be the best version of myself.

Today (August 2021) marks 2 years that I have been making passive income from trading. My focus is on swing/day trading and option trading. My goal is to continue to refine my skillset so I can achieve better outcomes for myself and help others do the same.

"The greatest gift you can give someone is the power to be successful. Giving people the opportunity to struggle rather than giving them the things they are struggling for will make them stronger."

Ray Dalio

Logan Hruska

Patriarch Trader

I'm Logan Hruska, this December 2021 will be my fourth year of trading. I began trading in my junior year of college while studying industrial design. While in college, I was introduced to the market by my dad but, I don't think he ever thought I would take it this far.

My main focus is swing trading. I pay attention to inter-market relationships and look for sector rotation.

One of my best trades has to be on CLF this last November 2020. Not for the fact that it was some crazy gain, but for the fact that my studies paid off and allowed me to be early on a trend change, as well as have the confidence to play the position heavily.

Outside of trading, I enjoy tinkering. Coming from a design background has always led me to tear something apart, put it back together, or learn a new skill. My goal is to one day learn how to restore vintage cars.

Christian Prioretti

Patriarch Trader

I am Christian Prioretti, this upcoming November will mark 2 years of trading options.

I began my trading journey at 20 years old during college studying general studies. What got me into trading was viewing Instagram and coming across an investment group whom, Chris Pent, was part ownership. I joined the group with a little less than 50 people and account that I had started with $1,000 at the time. What really got me into the stock market was the fact of how much money one could actually make in the market in seconds, minutes, hours, or even days. I remember making my first $1,000 in a day and that was the day I knew that if I could put my all into this I could really make something out of this.

My main areas of trading I specialize on are playing supply and demand areas. My main focus each morning is scalping opens and watching stocks break major levels for entries etc. My main focus is making money in the first half of the day and enjoying the rest of the day. Another hobby I enjoy outside of the stock market is Bodybuilding which I started when I was around 18 and continue to strive to be the best version of myself physically, mentally, and financially.